Star Wars Pet Names

Star Wars Pet Names

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As one of the most beloved fantasy worlds, the Star Wars universe is full of fun pet name opportunities. We’ve put together a selection of pet names inspired by the Star Wars films, television series, and more!

Admiral Ackbar: It’s not a trap! A dignified sounding Star Wars name for your pet. It would be especially fitting for an aquatic critter.

Ahsoka: One of the strongest women in the Star Wars universe would make a fantastic moniker for a pet.

BB-8: This cute and funny droid would be a great namesake, especially for a pet prone to zoomies!

Carrie Fisher: An excellent choice for a Star Wars lovers’ fish or just as a nod to the best space princess out there.

Chewbarka: A perfect name for your furry dog!

Ewok: Yub nub! Ewoks are a great namesake for any kind of pet.

Cat Kestis: This former padawan is a survivor and his cat-ified name would make a very nice moniker for a feline. Or maybe even Calico Kestis for a tri-color kitty!

Garazeb: Karabast! Naming your pet after everyone’s favorite Lasat would be a fun and creative choice.

Grogu: Who wouldn’t want to name their pet after the cutest Star Wars baby out there?

Jabba the Mutt: While Jabba may not be everyone’s favorite, he’s certainly iconic! This punny version of his name is guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face.

Jango Pett: One of the coolest Mandalorians out there and a pun? It’s such a good idea, maybe someone should clone it!

Jawa: These pilfering little Tatooine inhabitants would be a fun and creative namesake!

Jedi: Is there a cooler Star Wars name than after the order of the Jedi?

Kitty Fisto: This Jedi’s name is purrfect for a kitty!

Lando Catrissian: Naming your cat after the suave smuggler would be cooler than a winning hand in sabacc.

Mando: While Mando isn’t the actual name of the protagonist in The Mandalorian, it’s what most characters call the newest beloved bounty hunter. Using Mando and Grogu together would be a great idea for a pair of pets!

Naboo: This beautiful lush planet, both the birthplace of Padmé Amadala and Palpatine, would be a creative yet cute name choice.

Paw Gerrera: This Onderonian resistance fighter’s name is just too perfect of an opportunity for a great pun!

Phasma: As one of the coolest female baddies in Star Wars, Phasma would be a good choice for those who like to use villain names!

R2-D2: “This is the droid name you’re looking for. Move along.”

Skywalker: Instead of just using Luke, why not pick Skywalker? It’s the most emblematic Star Wars name out there.

Solo: After learning the origin of our favorite smuggler’s surname in the movie Solo, this would make an especially fun pet name choice!

Thrawn: A still slightly obscure villain yet an extremely interesting one. This Chiss character’s name is bound to impress fellow Star Wars fans!

TIE Fighter: This iconic imperial ship would make an interesting pet name. It also comes with an accessible nickname of TIE!

Vader: Arguably the most recognizable film antagonist, you can’t find a cooler villain to name your pet after.

Wedge: A quirky name from an underrated starfighter pilot.

Wookie: You don’t have to speak Shyriiwook to know how fun of a pet name this would make!

X-Wing: This classic rebel starfighter has always been an integral part of Star Wars and would be an out of this world pet name.

Yavin: As the setting for the most important battle in the original trilogy, this would be a creative choice!

Yoda: A wise decision, using the name of this well-known 900 year old Jedi master for your pet would be.

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