Pet Names for Pairs: Girls

Athena and Aphrodite
Betty and Veronica
Cagney and Lacey
Charlotte and Emily
Edina and Patsy
Ellen and Portia
Ginger and MaryAnn
Goneril and Regan
Holly and Ivy
Kate and Pippa
Laverne and Shirley
London and Paris
Lucy and Ethel
Mary and Rhoda
Mary Kate and Ashley
Naomi and Wynona
Oprah and Gayle
Paris and Nicole
Patty and Selma
Peach and Daisy
Romy and Michelle
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly
Salt and Pepa
Sansa and Arya
Sasha and Malia
Serena and Venus
Snow White and Rose Red
Thelma and Louise
Tia and Tamera
Violet and Veruca
Wilma and Betty
Xena and Gabrielle