Looking for a name for a pair of girls? Here are some famous and iconic female duos to choose from.
Athena and Aphrodite
Athena is the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and war, and Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. To the ancient Romans, they were Minerva and Venus.
Betty and Veronica
Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper is a bright, middle-class teenager growing up in Riverdale, USA. Betty’s best friend and romantic rival for the attention of Archie Andrews is the wealthy and fashionable Veronica Lodge.
Cagney and Lacey
The television show Cagney and Lacey is a 1980s New York City-based police buddy drama with two female leads: Sharon Gless as Detective Christine Cagney and Tyne Daly as Detective Mary Beth Lacey.
Charlotte and Emily
Charlotte and Emily are two of the three Brontë sisters of literary fame. Charlotte is the author of Jane Eyre. Emily wrote Wuthering Heights. Their younger sister, Anne, was also a novelist.
Edina and Patsy
Edina and Patsy are lead characters on the British fashion comedy, Absolutely Fabulous. Actress and show co-creator Jennifer Saunders portrayed Edina “Eddy” Monsoon to actress Joanna Lumley’s Patricia “Patsy” Stone throughout the original run, the revival and the 20th anniversary specials.
Ellen and Portia
Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian, talk show host and the voice of Dory in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. She is married to Portia de Rossi, a businesswoman, a philanthropist and a former actress.
Ginger and Mary Ann
Fictional actress Ginger Grant and farm girl Mary Ann Summers become best friends when they find themselves marooned on an island with five other castaways on television’s Gilligan’s Island. Tina Louise was the Marilyn Monroe-like bombshell Ginger and the late Dawn Wells was the down-to-earth farm girl, Mary Ann.
Goneril and Regan
Goneril and Regan are two of the daughters of King Lear in the play by William Shakespeare. The power-obsessed characters lie to their father when he asks them to describe their love for him. Later in the play, in a jealous rage, Goneril kills Regan, and then Goneril commits suicide.
Holly and Ivy
In the 1958 children’s book, Holly and Ivy, by Rumer Godden, Ivy is a six-year-old girl in an orphanage. Holly is a beautiful Christmas doll waiting to be purchased. Ivy goes on a journey to seek her family and finds Holly along the way.
Kate and Pippa
Kate is the nickname for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She married Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, in 2011. Kate’s younger sister, Pippa Middleton, wowed royal wedding watchers in her white, form-fitting Maid of Honor dress.
Laverne and Shirley
Television’s Laverne and Shirley are two single women in late 1950s who work as bottle cappers at a Milwaukee brewery and dream of finding love. The physical comedy of the Happy Days spinoff, by the late actress Penny Marshall and actress Cindy Williams, made the show a hit.
London and Paris
London, England, and Paris, France, are two popular destinations to visit when traveling in Europe. A relatively quick way to travel between the two cities is to take The Chunnel, which is a train that goes underneath the English Channel. The 213-mile journey takes about two hours and 15 minutes.
Lucy and Ethel
Lucille Ball’s Lucy Ricardo and Vivian Vance’s Ethel Mertz are comic gold in the television classic, I Love Lucy. Viewers know the escapades of Lucy and Ethel will always go haywire.
Mary and Rhoda
On the television sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the late actresses Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper give life to best friends, news producer Mary Richards and window dresser Rhoda Morgenstern. The 1970s show has been cited for its strong portrayal of career focused, single women.
Mary-Kate and Ashley
Mary-Kate and Ashley are the Olson twins. As infants, they portrayed the character of Michelle Tanner on television’s Full House. They appeared in a variety of other television shows and movies before taking on the world of fashion. Their fashion lines made them millionaires by the time they turned 18.
Naomi and Wynonna
The Judd’s are the mother/daughter duo of Naomi and Wynonna Judd. The country music team lasted for seven years until Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis-C.
Oprah and Gayle
Oprah Winfrey is the talk show giant, and her BFF is Gayle King, the lead anchor of the CBS Morning Show. They met while working together at a television station in Baltimore.
Paris and Nicole
Once upon a time, socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were best friends. They grew up together in Hollywood and appeared on the television reality show, The Simple Life. Then, too much clubbing, drugs, alcohol and jealousy created a rift.
Patty and Selma
More twins! This time, they’re on The Simpsons. Identical twins Patricia “Patty” Maleficent and Selma Bouvier are Marge Simpson’s older sisters. The gravelly-voiced, chain smoking twins are united in their dislike of Marge’s husband Homer.
Peach and Daisy
Princess Peach and Princess Daisy are characters in Nintendo’s Mario videogame world. They are cousins and best friends. Princess Peach has been linked to Mario and Princess Daisy to Luigi.
Romy and Michele
Romy White and Michele Weinberger are the lead characters in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Actress Mira Sorvino plays Romy to actress Lisa Kudrow’s Michele. Romy and Michele decide to lie about their unsuccessful careers to impress their former classmates at their 10-year high school reunion.
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly are the murderous dancing and singing duo of Broadway’s Chicago. Hart and Kelly are based on real life Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner, two women accused of murdering their lovers. Following weeks of sensational news stories in the Chicago Tribune, both Annan and Gaertner are acquitted.
Salt ‘N Pepa
Hip Hoppers Salt ‘N Pepa are one of the first all-female rap groups to meet with commercial success. Push It is the most popular hit for Salt, Cheryl James, and Pepa, Sandra Denton.
Sansa and Arya
Sansa and Arya Stark are sisters on Game of Thrones. Their childhood sibling rivalry turns into a powerful alliance.
Sasha and Malia
Sasha and Malia Obama are the daughters of former President Barack Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama. They grew up in the White House, and both are now in college.
Serena and Venus
Serena and Venus Williams are the tennis pro sisters who have jointly won 122 singles championships and 30 Grand Slam tennis singles championships. Both Serena and Venus have been ranked No. 1 in the world in singles and in doubles.
Snow White and Rose Red
This is not your Disney version of Snow White, but a German fairy tale. Siblings Snow White and Red Rose befriend a bewitched bear, who is actually a prince. The bear kills the dwarf who put a spell on him, turns back into a prince and marries Snow White. Red Rose marries the prince’s brother.
Thelma and Louise
The 1991 landmark feminist road trip movie, Thelma and Louise, stars actress Geena Davis as Thelma and actress Susan Sarandon as Louise. Their road trip ends tragically or heroically, depending on your point of view.
Tia and Tamera
Identical twin actresses Tia and Tamera Mowry have starred together in several television shows and movies, including Sister Sister, Twitches, Twitches Too and Tia & Tamera.
Violet and Veruca
In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Violet Beauregarde and Veruca Salt vie for the grand prize. However, Violet’s hubris causes her to turn into a giant blueberry. Veruca’s “me first” demands lead her to being dumped down a garbage shoot.
Wilma and Betty
On “The Flintstones,” cartoon best friends and next-door neighbors Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble put up with the shenanigans of their husbands, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, in the stone age town of Bedrock.
Xena and Gabrielle
Xena is television’s warrior princess starring actress Lucy Lawless. Actress Renee O’Connor’s Gabrielle is rescued from kidnappers by Xena. Gabrielle becomes Xena’s greatest ally and later her soulmate.