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200 French Names for your Frenchie

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Who doesn’t love a Frenchie? Originating in England in the 1800s, French Bulldogs – or “Frenchies” for short – were initially bred as companions for lace workers in Nottingham. When the Industrial Revolution prompted many lace workers to move to France seeking better opportunities, they brought their beloved Frenchies with them.

In France, these Bulldogs quickly gained popularity, earning the nickname “Bouledogue Français.” Through selective breeding, their appearance evolved to the iconic bat-like ears and compact, muscular build that we recognize today. The breed’s popularity soared among the Parisian elite, including artists, writers, and even royalty. The French Bulldog became a symbol of style and sophistication, adored for its playful demeanor and loyalty.

In recent years, French Bulldogs have experienced a surge in popularity across the globe. They’ve become beloved not only for their charming looks but also for their adaptable nature. So we dove into the trending, most popular French Names using the Social Security names data and France’s National Statistics Institute that you can use for your furbaby.

Trending Male French Names

2 Frenchie Dogs wearing Flower Necklaces

Trending Female French Names