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Names for Pets Adopted during Quarantine

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It’s great that so many pets are being adopted during quarantine. If loved and cared for, pets can provide unconditional love and companionship. We’ve put together a list of possible names for your new furry companions who were adopted during this time:

Rona – Short for Coronavirus
“Q” or Que – for quarantine
TeePee – to honor our stash of toilet tissue
Quentin Quarantino – pun name!
Zoom or Zoomie – for the video conferencing service
Buddy – because we all need one right now!
Vaxx – Waiting on it!
Cuomo, Newsom – or the name of your admired leader
Novel – Means “new” and those things we’re suddenly reading
Andy, Anderson, or Coop – for the awesome reporter who takes on ignorance
Covie – for Covid-19
Fauci – for Dr. Anthony Fauci
Clorox – do not drink or inject the bleach!
TikTok – our new favorite social media network
Curby – for curbside pickup
Homie or Homer – because we’re all there
Batman – don’t eat bats
Panda – for pandemic
Princess – for the cruise line
Six – the number of feet you need to stay from another

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Names for Pets Adopted During Quarantine - Dog and Cat at Desk