Names for Pets Adopted during Quarantine

It’s great that so many pets are being adopted during quarantine. If loved and cared for, pets can provide unconditional love and companionship. We’ve put together a list of possible names for your new furry companions who were adopted during this time:

Rona – Short for Coronavirus
“Q” or Que – for quarantine
TeePee – to honor our stash of toilet tissue
Quentin Quarantino – pun name!
Zoom or Zoomie – for the video conferencing service
Buddy – because we all need one right now!
Vaxx – Waiting on it!
Cuomo, Newsom – or the name of your admired leader
Novel – Means “new” and those things we’re suddenly reading
Andy, Anderson, or Coop – for the awesome reporter who takes on ignorance
Covie – for Covid-19
Fauci – for Dr. Anthony Fauci
Clorox – do not drink or inject the bleach!
TikTok – our new favorite social media network
Curby – for curbside pickup
Homie or Homer – because we’re all there
Batman – don’t eat bats
Panda – for pandemic
Princess – for the cruise line
Six – the number of feet you need to stay from another

Have additional name suggestions? Email us!

Names for Pets Adopted During Quarantine - Dog and Cat at Desk