Review: Petmate SnooZZy Pet Bed

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I was so excited when Petmate sent me their Rustic Elegance Shearling Round SnooZZy pet bed for review. We have a lot of pet beds throughout the house, and with all the use they wear down quickly.

So to begin, here is the roster of Professional Fur-Testers:


Roscoe Jones aka “Roro”

11 years old, Terrier/Pug Mix.

Instagram famous: @RoscoethePugmix


Brutus aka “Brutie the Cutie”

9 years old, Siamese Mix, 80% Blind.


Lionel Amadeus aka “Li’l BabyCat” aka “STOPTHATLIONEL!” 

1 year old, Domestic Shorthair.

House bully.

When I unpacked the SnooZZy, I was shocked because it looked so small and my dog is a chubby pug mix! So I decided the cats would be the testers for this product…but as you’ll soon see, Roscoe wanted in on this whole project. I was very impressed by the construction of this pet bed. The walls are well-stuffed and high enough to support the head and neck of both cats and dogs. The fabric inside is a rich velour which is super-soft and pliable. The bottom has non-slip nubs so it remains secure on both carpet or slick floors like tile, laminate, or wood. I tested it both on my laminate and carpet and it worked perfectly.

The SnooZZy that we received was in the buff color, but it also comes in brown and teal. I especially liked the rich fabric and thick piping around the rim of the exterior walls. Their product information says that it’s completely machine washable and provides maximum support for aging pets. Roscoe and Brutus both fit in the “senior” category, so this is ideal for them.

Lionel was the first one to investigate, because he’s large and in charge. He sniffed, poked, and stood by it to announce that the Petmate SnooZZy bed had entered the household!

But the cat who immediately claimed the throne was Brutus – my blue-eyed handsome fellow!

Now, Roscoe was having none of this feline takeover of the new SnooZZy. So he decided to check it out, too, despite the fact that it wasn’t quite his size! “If I fits, I sits!” He (kinda) fit, and the SnooZZy was sturdy enough to hold him. His big old 22 lb. frame didn’t crush or misshape the bed in any way. It withstood the test of Roscoe!

So as you can see the SnooZZy Pet bed was a big hit in our family, and now they’ll all have to fight for it. Click Here to get a SnooZZy for your furbaby!

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~ Jennifer M., pet mom and Founder of