Review: MOWFIA Cat Bed Cave

Review: MEOWFIA Cat Bed Cave

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The MEOWFIA merino wool cat bed cave has been the purrfect cat bed! It has been loved by both my cats as kittens and adults.

The bed was a gifted to us when I brought home my first kitten, Nimue, in the summer of 2019. She really liked it! She especially enjoyed jumping into it to pounce on a toy. She also gravitated towards the bed when she was recovering from being spayed. It’s clear she felt safe in the cave!

And then we adopted Caspian! We rescued him a few months after we brought home Nim, and he fell deeply in love with the MEOWFIA cave bed. At first he seemed delighted to leap into it and hide from his sister, but eventually he realized it could be flattened. He’s loved lounging in the bed that way ever since!

Caspian started sleeping in the flattened bed almost exclusively. Nimue would even join him for some adorable cuddles!

Now as an adult, he still sleeps in it every day. When my husband wakes up in the morning, one of the first things he does is take the cave bed upstairs so Caspian can relax with him in his home office. When it’s bedtime, we bring the bed back into our bedroom because he loves to sleep in it overnight.

Not only does he love to sleep in it, but he loves scratching on the wool material! This is particularly helpful because he doesn’t like scratching on traditional scratch posts.

So, if you’re searching for a wonderful cat bed, definitely consider the MEOWFIA cat bed cave! It’s the only bed that both of my cats, with very different personalities, have immensely enjoyed. I highly recommend it!