Review: CAT DANCER Pro-Model Cat Toy

Review: CAT DANCER Cat Toy

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I have two cats who are very particular about their toys, so I am always on the lookout for new ones! I decided to check out the CAT DANCER since it was recommended by a friend. There are two models: the Cat Dancer 101 which is under $3.00, and the Pro-Model which is around $7.00. The difference is that the 101 has cardboard nubs on both sides so two cats can play with each other, while the Pro-Model has a comfortable plastic handle on one end for a human. Both models sport little bits of cardboard material on the end, which felt promising as both my cats love to play with stray bits of cardboard they find around the house.

Caspian was even interested while the Cat Dancer was still in its packaging!

A cat inspects the cat toy wrapped in plastic.

At first, he was very curious but didn’t know what to make of it.

Cat sitting on floor staring at the cat toy.

Close up photo of a cat's face smelling the cat toy.

Once he realized the toy could bounce back in forth in the air thanks to the wire-like material, he quickly warmed up to it! He wanted to bite and bat at the cardboard pieces and started to jump all around, chasing it as I waved it in the air.

An action shot of a cat in the middle of pouncing the toy.

Soon enough, Caspian’s sister Nimue wanted to see what all the fuss was about! She was also merely curious at first, but it didn’t take her long to jump into the fray and play with the cat dancer as well.

A close up of a long haired cat smelling the cat toy.

A long hair cat has her arms up in the air reaching for a toy while another cat watches in the background.

Overall, the cat dancer has been a huge hit with my cats! The length of the wire may feel a little short to some people, but the toy is specifically marketed for being accessible for cats that need to be in enclosed spaces, like in a shelter. So I don’t mind dealing with the length if it means helping other kitties in a small space get a good play session!

Two cats sitting on the floor and staring at a toy midair in front of them.

The cat dancer has continued to interest my cats past the first play session. I even discovered if I put the handle in the cushion of a chair with the other end of the toy hanging midair, the toy stays put and they bat at it and entertain themselves on their own! The toy comes with a clip on the handle so you could get even more creative with where you could place it for independent play.

So if you’re looking for an affordable new toy to try out with your own cat, I highly recommend either the CAT DANCER 101 or the CAT DANCER Pro-Model for your furbabies! They’re super-affordable and unlike the other common wand toys. It’s especially perfect if you need a toy for a kitty that can only play in an enclosed space!