Traveling with Pets

Traveling with Pets

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Nothing sounds better than a fun getaway after quarantine. But if you have a little furry friend at home, you might have to get a pet sitter, board them, and then have to worry about them while vacationing. But there’s another option: take your furry one with you!

It’s not that big a deal to allow your pet to travel with you. You just have to make sure you’re prepared and travel safely.

Here are a few tips you can follow to ride smoothly with your pet

Pets on a Plane

Traveling with pets on an airplane is not difficult if you plan ahead. Brachycephalic animals with “pushed in” faces such as pugs, bulldogs, Persian cats, etc., might have more problems breathing in cargo, and therefore it’s advised you try to carry them on, if the airlines allows.

Most airlines do allow you to carry smaller dogs and cats in the cabin with you. However, larger pets will have to fly in cargo. Crating your pet and checking them into cargo is not without risk, but for the most part it’s safe. Keeping all such factors in mind, if you still decide to travel with your pets on airplanes, these tips will come to your aid.

  • Set an appointment with your vet to ensure that your pet is healthy enough for air travel, and that they have the appropriate vaccinations for your destination. Keep in handy all the health documents such as rabies vaccination certificates, etc. Check the airlines’ website regarding pets and follow their rules and requirements for safe pet travel.
  • Make sure that you put your pet in a secure and comfortable carrier with an absorbent mat. In addition, your pet must have a simple and sleek collar that has little chance of getting caught on anything.
  • Label the collar and the carrier with your name, ID, and address of your home and your destination. This method will make you ready for any mishaps in case your pet is mishandled or lost.
  • Cats on airplanes tend to be much more calm and tranquil than dogs. Dogs on airplanes get fearful and bark non-stop till they meet their family. Make sure to give them their favorite chewy toys to keep them engaged, ensuring a peaceful journey for your fellow passengers.
  • Choose the airline and time of flight carefully. Then, thoroughly review the policies and records of the airline when it comes to flying your pet in the cargo hold.
  • Some airports have dog relief areas – take advantage of them prio

It is best to avoid the holiday season while traveling with pets by air. This is because it may lead to rough and hectic schedules. Booking direct flights will save you the tremendous hassle of changing flights while traveling with your pet.

Road Trips with Pets

Traveling with pets in a car can be a lot of fun if your pet is used to car travel. It’s also easier than flying as you can easily hop in your car with your floof ball, and take along all of his or her comfort items without restrictions. You may also travel with your pet using the train  with ease. However, there are a few things to keep in mind during these delightful trips with pets.

  • When traveling with pets by road, the biggest challenge is them roaming around in the vehicle. This can be very bothersome to the person driving the automobile. Keeping small dogs and cats in crates and carriers can be helpful to keep them from moving around in the car. You may also secure the crate with belts to prevent them from bouncing and hurting the animal inside. For larger doggos, you can use a seatbelt or restraint.
  • Just like us, pets also tend to stick their heads outside the window to soak in the fresh and cool breeze! While it is indeed fun to watch their furry ears cutely flap around in the wind, make sure to keep their heads inside. The blowing wind carries lots of dirt and debris with them and can make your pet ill.
  • Make a few stops in between your trip to let them exercise and take a dump if needed. Never leave your pet alone in the car, especially in hot and humid weather!
  • If your cats are indoor cats, they might stress out while riding in a car. You might want to get some tranquilizers from the vet prior to the trip.

Whatever your mode of travel, vacationing with your pets can be a fun and rewarding time!

Traveling with Pets