Primarily Male
The meaning of the name John is God Is Gracious
The origin of the name John is Hebrew
Alternate spellings: Jhon, Jonn

John is one of the most common names in English. It ultimately derives from the Latin name Iohannes. John the Baptist and the apostle John are two important figures that gave rise to the popularity of the name. Throughout history the name has been borne by many important notable people, including kings and emperors. 

While John is the most common form in English, the name has a myriad of variations in other languages including Evan, Ian, Johan, Giovanni, and many more.

Famous bearers: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Tyler, John F. Kennedy, U.S. Presidents. John Travolta, actor. John Locke, philosopher. John Grisham, author. John Gielgud, actor. John Wayne, actor. John Elway, U.S. football player. John Lennon, musician. John Cusack, actor.

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