Primarily Male
The meaning of the name Jasper is Treasurer
The origin of the name Jasper is English
Notes: Common nicknames for the name Jasper include Jasp, Jazz, and Jas. Jasper is a form of the name Casper. It is also the name of a semi-precious stone and one of the Three Magi in the Christian bible. Famous Jaspers include artist Jasper Johns, and Jasper Packard, 19th century U.S. representative from the state of Indiana. There are several famous people with the last name Jasper who are or were athletes, including Derrick Jasper, Ed Jasper, Hi Jasper, and Josh Jasper. Jasper Hale is a character from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series of novels and movies, and is probably responsible for the resurgence in popularity of the name.
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