Lord of the Rings Names for Pets

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J.R.R. Tolkien had a fascination with language and etymology. Not only did he create most of these names specifically for the land of Middle-Earth, Professor Tolkien often incorporated the actual background stories and meanings for these names directly into his novels! If you’re a Tolkien fan, or just love to read, you might want to consider some of these character names when choosing names for your pet.

Unless otherwise noted, names and information are from both the books and the movies.

Aragorn: A human ranger who guides the first part of the Fellowship of the Ring, also known by his Human nickname, Strider. Later revealed to be the true heir to the throne of Gondor.

Arod: A horse of Rohan, given to Legolas by Eomer on their first meeting to aid them in their journey. Arod means swift in Old English.

Arwen Undomiel: Elf-maiden of Rivendell, betrothed to Aragorn and of ancient Maiarin descent. Arwen means noble maiden while Undomiel means Evenstar.

Balin: Dwarf treasure seeker from The Hobbit. His skeleton is discovered by The Fellowship in the Mines of Moria.

Banazir: The Hobbit name for Samwise Gamgee the hobbit, both meaning half-wise. (books)

Beregond: The first Captain of the White Company of Gondor and the guard of Faramir. (books)

Bergil: Son of Beregond. He and his father were guides of Pippin in Minas Tirith. (books)

Bilbo Baggins: Hobbit adventurer who discovers the One Ring on the ground of a passage through the Misty Mountains. Bilbo passes his ring on to Frodo and retires to Rivendell, beginning the adventures in The Lord of the Rings.

Boromir: Son of Denethor, brother of Faramir. Boromir was sent by his father to Rivendell to represent the Kingdom of Gondor at the Council of the Ring.

Bregalad: A rowan Ent whose name means Quickbeam. Bregalad was the first to declare war on Isengard. He was assigned by Treebeard to watch over Pippin and Merry and appears mainly in the book The Two Towers, although fans say they can spot him in the movies.

Barliman Butterbur: Owner and proprietor of the Inn of the Prancing Pony in Bree where the four hobbits, including Frodo, meet Strider for the first time.

Celeborn: Lord of the Galadhrim, husband of Galadriel and co-ruler of Lothlorien.

Denethor: Steward of Gondor and Father of Boromir and Faramir. (books, movies)
Kills himself in fit of insanity after seeing his apparently dead son, Faramir, by setting himself on fire and jumping from the top of Minas Tirith. (movies)

Duilin: Name of Gondolin’s group of best archers. Duilin means Swallow. (books)

Elbereth Githoniel: One of the ancient arch-angels, also known as Varda, the creator of all light. She is revered by the Elves of Middle-Earth and the most feared enemy of Melkor. (books)

Elessar: Name given to Aragorn by the Elves meaning Elfstone.

Elladan: One of the sons of Elrond. (books)

Elrond Halfelven: Patriarch of the Rivendell Elves. Hundreds of years before the events of The Lord of the Rings Elrond, along with the man Isildur, led a united army of Elves and Men to defeat Sauron the first time at the end of the Second Age of Middle-Earth.

Elros: Legendary Half-elf of Middle-Earth who chose to become mortal. (books)

Eomer: Nephew of King Theoden and one of the Riders of Rohan. Brother of Eowyn.

Eowyn: Niece of King Theoden and sister to Eomer.

Estel: Code name for Aragorn used by the Elves while attempting to conceal his true identity as heir to the throne of Elendil. (books)

Fangorn: The deep wooded home of the Ents.

Faramir: Son of Denethor and brother to Boromir (books, movies). Faramir assists Frodo and Samwise in their journey to Mordor. (movies)

Fimbrethil: Lost Entwife of Treebeard who has not been seen in over 3000 years. (books)

Finglas: An Ent who liked to sleep a lot. Also known as Leaflock for his leafy hair. (books)

Fladrif: A reclusive Ent also known as Skinbark who refuses to come down off the mountainsides and fight. (books)

Frodo Baggins: Hobbit nephew of Bilbo Baggins. Bearer of the One Ring throughout The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Galadriel: Wife of Celeborn and co-ruler of Lothlorien.

Gandalf: AKA Gandalf the Gray, Gandalf Greyhame. Master Wizard and architect of the journey of the Ring. Dies and is reborn as Gandalf the White to finish his task on Middle Earth.

Gimli: Dwarf, son of Gloin. Travels with the Fellowship of the Ring and then with Legolas and Aragorn. Has friendly competition with the Elf, Legolas.

Gloin: Dwarf, father of Gimli. One of the original 12 dwarf adventurers from The Hobbit. (books)

Glorfindel: Elf of Rivendell who leads Elvish forces from Grey Havens, Rivendell and Lothlorien against Angmar in battle. (books) Also appears in Lothlorien as Captain of the Elvish Guard and later assists with his army in the Battle of Helm’s Deep, where he is slain. (movies)

Gollum: Wretched creature who lives in the Misty Mountains and possesses the One Ring for nearly half a century. Pursues Bilbo to retrieve the Ring after it is lost. Was once a Hobbit named Smeagol. Gollum’s name comes from the nasty sound he makes when coughing.

Gwaihir: The greatest of the Eagles. Rescued Gandalf from Saruman’s prison atop Orthanc and led the Eagles with Gandalf to rescue Frodo and Samwise from the slopes of Mount Doom before it erupts.

Halbarad: A Dunedain ranger like Aragorn. Halbarad led a company of rangers to assist Aragorn in the battle of Pelennor and brought a message to him from Arwen. (books)

Hasufel: Horse of Rohan, given to Aragorn by Eomer upon their first meeting to assist in their travels.

Hirluin: A man of Gondor from Lebennin. He brought men to fight the final War of the Ring and died at the breaking of the door to the citadel of Gondor. (books)

Isildur: Legendary Dunedain man of the Second Age. Fled Numenor upon its destruction to the south with his brother to found the land of Gondor. Years later, during battle with Sauron, he cuts the One Ring from Sauron’s hand destroying Sauron’s physical form. He refuses to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom and is later killed by an Orc raiding party.

Legolas: Silvan Elf of Mirkwood originally of Sindarin descent, and part of the original Fellowship of the Ring. After parting ways with Frodo and Samwise, Legolas adventures with Aragorn and Gimli to rescue Merry and Pippin and finally onwards to the battle of Pelennor Fields at Gondor.

Luthien Tinuviel: Great grand-mother of Elrond. Had affair with the mortal Beren. Luthien means either enchantress or blossom. Tinuviel means daughter of the starry twilight. (books)

Meriadoc Brandybuck: Hobbit, AKA Merry who travels with the original Fellowship before being taken hostage along with Pippin by a roving band of orcs.

Nimrodel: An Elf-maiden of Lothlorien who was lost crossing the Ered Nimrais journeying to rejoin her lover Amroth and leave for Valinor. A river in Lothlorien was named after her passing. (books)

Orald: Nickname for Tom Bombadil given by Men. Tom lives in the Old Forest with his wife, a river-spirit named Goldberry. He and his wife assist the Hobbits during the early part of their journey after leaving the Shire. (books)

Peregrin: Hobbit, AKA Pippin, is a mischievous hobbit that often gets himself and companions into trouble. Travels with Merry into the forest of Fangorn.

Rohirrim: Ancestral name of the tribe of horsemen who live on the plains of Rohan, currently governed by King Theoden. (books)

Samwise Gamgee: Hobbit friend and guardian of Frodo Baggins. Assigned by Gandalf to accompany and watch over Frodo’s safety while on the journey to destroy the One Ring.

Saruman: Traitorous Wizard of the White Tower and steward of Isengard. He is betrayed and killed by Wormtongue, ex-advisor to King Theoden.

Sauron: Once a most powerful member of an ancient divine race of beings called the Maiar, Sauron, meaning Abhorred, was enthralled by the first Dark Lord, Morgoth, betraying the Maiar and their masters, the Valar. After Morgoth was defeated in battle and banished to the Outer Void, Sauron rose in his place and using deception, fooled the Elves, Dwarves and Men into accepting gifts of magic rings wrought by him to be controlled by the One Ring of Power. Sauron is eventually defeated by Frodo when the One Ring is cast into the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor.

Shadowfax: Gandalf’s steed through most of The Lord of the Rings, Shadowfax is considered to be the greatest of all horses of the Third Age. He is of the mearas breed who are descended from the first tamed wild horse, Felarof.

King Theoden: King of Rohan, the plains horsemen. Under thrall of Saruman via Wormtongue and is revived by Gandalf the White.

Tintalle: Another name for Elbereth Gilthoniel, meaning Star-kindler.

Treebeard: Master Ent of Fangorn. Discovers Merry and Pippin in his forest after they escape from the orcs. After hearing news of the calamity facing the outside world and much discussion, Treebeard and fellow Ents are encouraged to attack Isengard, bringing Saruman’s reign of terror to an end.

Wormtongue: Corrupt advisor to King Theoden, conspiring with Saruman to take over the Kingdom of Rohan.